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While growing up, gymnastics, dance and diving were Debbie's athletic endeavors.  A passion for the outdoors later led Debbie into cycling, skiing and triathlons.  Work, family and life, however, kept her from attaining the performance level she sought.  She sought training methods that worked for her active lifestyle, while led her to a friend's Pilates class 19 years ago.
That Pilates lesson nearly two decades ago finally gave Debbie a direction for strengthening and gaining control of her body.  As a result, Debbie became a Stott Pilates instructor and ACE certified personal trainer in 2007.  Since that time, debbie has been offering individual and small group instruction from her Sandpoint studio at her home.
Now Debbie seeks to bring out the inner athlete in each of her clients, not simply for improved athletic performance but for better performance in everyday life.  She knows we all have distractions and challenges, but Debbie enthusiastically encourages her clients to take it one step at a time to gain strength, flexibility and greater body awareness.
When not teaching, Debbie pursues other interests such as cross country skiing, mountain and road biking, camping, gardening, reading and cooking.
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